Course Requirements

As a seminar, this course will revolve around reading, writing and discussion of the topics listed on the Course Outline with the goal of developing an answer to the course question, spelled out here.  A seminar is a collective initiative where we work together to explore an interesting question or topic.  I chose to teach this seminar because the question is one I wanted to explore.  I don’t have the answer at this point, so I can’t give it to you, but together we can figure it out.

I’m assuming you are in this class because you want to be, that you’re not here primarily for the grade or the credits.  I’m assuming you will carry your load by completing the following tasks.


  • Reading assigned material in a timely manner, attending class regularly, and contributing by asking questions or making comments.  Our class is a small group.  If too few people read the material for any given class session, the session will fail, and we will have wasted our time.
  • Keeping a journal of your learning in this class in the form of a blog.  Every time you read something relevant to this course you should blog about it.  The posts need not be long, you could simply identify the main point of a reading, and/or raise questions or comments about it.  More information about setting up your blog is here.
  • Leading class discussion on one of the topics.  As part of a group, each of you will present one topic in New Macro to the class.   Each group will need to research the topic, prepare an appropriate presentation, identify appropriate readings and other resources for the rest of us to review before starting discussion of the topic, and turning in a written version of the presentation to be posted on the course website.  Each group will need to meet with me no later than one week before your presentation to outline what you will present and to tell me what readings you will recommend.
  • Final Paper. Each person will write an essay to explain their answer to the course question: Has macro failed as a discipline.  Your essay should be double-spaced with reasonable fonts and margins, and should be approximately ten pages in length.

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